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  • Pike Place Market turns 100

    Posted on October 12, 2012 in Featured In

    03:31 PM PDT on Friday, May 11, 2007

    Nobody has been in business at the market longer than Sol Amon.
    "In this location 51 years," says Amon.  "I bought this market in 1956 with my dad."


    Sights, sounds of Pike Place Market

    The man behind Pure Food Fish has so much fun he can barely call this work and has more than half a century here.

    "This is the best the market's ever been right now," said Amon.

    We all know the things that make Pike Place Pike Place Market: the sidewalk musicians, the flying salmon, the flowers, the produce, the original Starbucks, that iconic sign and the superstar bronze pig named Rachel, the hustle and bustle of commerce and community that has been a fixture downtown since onion prices soared out of sight in 1907 and civic leaders invited farmers to the corner of First and Pike to sell produce direct to city folk.

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