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The city of Oso, WA and all the mudslide victims are in our thoughts and well-wishes.

  • Author: Dean Zulich,   2006-02-01

    Seattle's Pike Place Market has been open now for almost a century, and in that time it has become one of the most treasured cultural institutions in the state of Washington.

    In the center is Walter, of Pure Food and Fish, a stand that turns fifty this year. The owner Sol Amon has been at the market since 1931. In his late eighties, he is still peddling fish, and is not planning on retiring for at least another ten years.

    Harry Calvo, in the foreground, returned from Vietnam in 1967, looking for a summer job at the Pike Place Market. Also known as “Cal Ripken of the Market”, Calvo is still a favorite of the passing crowds at Pure Food Fish, famous for his smile and “that goofy ‘aw shucks’ look”.

    In 1911, Jack Amon came to America and began selling fine seafood from a stand in Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Public Market. This family business, Pure Food Fish, is still a single long counter in the Pike Place Market run by Jack's first son, Sol.

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