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  • Recipe SWAT Team this week tackles seasonal halibut to make easy and creative recipes
    By Yasmin Fahr, Editor | Apr 06, 2012 @ 3:27 PM

    Halibut season is just starting, so the editors here at TDM decided it was time to create some unique and original recipes to celebrate this flavorful white fish. To do so, we collaborated with Pure Food Seafood, who sent us samples of their halibut. Armed with steaks, fillets, and cheeks, our team set off to make tasty, spring-inspired recipes that can easily be replicated at home.

    But first, we spoke with Sol Amon, owner of Pure Food Fish Market in Seattle, to answer some questions about their halibut, seafood mission, and more. Check out what they have to say below and try your hand at the recipes. (Let us know how they turn out!)

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