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The city of Oso, WA and all the mudslide victims are in our thoughts and well-wishes.

  • May 02, 2012 3:42 AM
    By: Michele Borboa, MS

    Pure Food Fish Market Smoked Salmon Sampler

    Pure Food Fish Market Smoked Salmon Sampler

    Has Mom been slacking on her heart- and brain-healthy omega-3s? Give her an irresistible reason to eat up. The smoked salmon from Pure Food Fish Market is so over-the-top moist and delicious, you may just invite yourself over to help Mom taste-test the goods. Available in three flavors -- garlic pepper, alderwood, and teriyaki -- Pure Food's smoked salmon comes right from the smoker to the shop and ships the next day. Because it is never vacuum-sealed or compressed, this uniquely textured smoked salmon is succulent, light and flaky.
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