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The Freshest Catch

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  • 3-Course Fresh Seafood Meal

    3-Course Fresh Seafood Meal

    • 1 lb Fresh Alderwood Smoked Salmon
    • 1 lb JUMBO Scampi (4-6 pieces)
    • One JUMBO 24-28 oz Lobster Tail
    • Compilmentary jar of Pure Food Fish Market's Cajun Cocktail Sauce
  • Alaskan King Crab Claws

    Alaskan King Crab Claws

    Alaskan King Crab Claws are prized for good reason; they're sweet, succulent and absolutely delicious!

  • Alaskan Run Spot Shrimp

    Alaskan Run Spot Shrimp

    Our Spot Shrimp have a very sweet taste.
    Wild Caught
  • Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    Center cuts of moist King Salmon are lightly salted and then hot smoked over Alderwood coals to flaky perfection.
    Kosher Cooked
  • Bay Scallops

    Bay Scallops

    These morsels are smaller, but full of flavor!
    Wild Caught
  • Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    The perfect Smoked Salmon for special events, this Alderwood Smoked Salmon is already "scored" into bite size squares.
    Kosher Cooked
  • Cooked, Peeled, & Deveined Shrimp (Jumbo)

    Cooked, Peeled, & Deveined Shrimp (Jumbo)

    These great-tasting shrimp are very popular for parties and informal events. They are fully cooked and ready to eat!
    Wild Caught Cooked