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The Freshest Catch


  • Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    Alderwood Smoked Salmon

    Center cuts of moist King Salmon are lightly salted and then hot smoked over Alderwood coals to flaky perfection.
    Kosher Cooked
  • Pike Place Chowder

    Pike Place Chowder

    The authentic Pacific Northwest flavors found in our Pike Place Chowder are especially fresh and delicious!

  • FRESH Whole Halibut (15 lbs.)

    FRESH Whole Halibut (15 lbs.)

    Fresh Halibut is loved around the globe by seafood connoisseurs.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fancy Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab Parts

    Fancy Alaskan Kodiak Red King Crab Parts

    Great for cooking gourmet recipes, these broken pieces of Alaskan Red King Crab legs are an ideal protein addition to delicious dips, soups, appetizers, seafood salads, and more.

  • Pair With Salmon Vertical