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  • Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna

    Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna

    Ahi Sushi Grade Tuna it's rich texture and color is excellent for sushi.
    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Pacific Red Snapper Fillets

    Fresh Pacific Red Snapper Fillets

    Red Snapper is found in the Gulf of Mexico. Red Snapper is admired for its firm texture and a sweet, nutty flavor.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fancy Chilean Sea Bass

    Fancy Chilean Sea Bass

    Fancy Chilean Sea Bass caught just off the coast offers a rich buttery flavor with a succulent meaty texture.
  • Fresh Mediterranean Branzino

    Fresh Mediterranean Branzino

    Branzino, also known as the Mediterranean Seabass, is the new “in' fish.
    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Alaskan True Cod Fillets

    Fresh Alaskan True Cod Fillets

    True Cod is also known as Pacific Cod. True Cod is known for being a mild and sweet flavored fish with large flaky-white meat.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Catfish Fillets

    Fresh Catfish Fillets

    Catfish fillets are a southern delicacy.

    Naturally Raised
  • Fresh Dover Sole Fillets
    out of season

    Fresh Dover Sole Fillets

    Dover Sole is another desired fish of the West Coast.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Ling Cod Fillets

    Fresh Ling Cod Fillets

    Ling Cod is prevalent on the West Coast.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Petrale Sole Fillets

    Fresh Petrale Sole Fillets

    Petrole Sole is known for its impeccable taste and flakey white tender meat.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Monk Fish Fillets

    Fresh Monk Fish Fillets

    The Monk fish is an unusual looking fish but the meat inside is just a lobster away.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh Mahi Mahi Fillets

    Fresh Mahi Mahi Fillets

    Mahi-Mahi is flown in fresh from Hawaii. It is a white fish with a wonderful flaky texture.

    Kosher Wild Caught
  • Fresh SwordFish Steaks

    Fresh SwordFish Steaks

    Fresh Swordfish has a very lean, slightly sweet, and firm, meaty texture.
    Wild Caught
  • Fresh Whole Golden Trout

    Fresh Whole Golden Trout

    Salmon-colored flesh with a rich flavor and firm texture, these golden-colored beauties are typically caught in the higher elevations.


    Naturally Raised
  • Opah (Moonfish)

    Opah (Moonfish)

    Opah or commonly known as Moonfish is very rich in protein, vitamins B6 and B12
  • Fresh Sturgeon

    Fresh Sturgeon

    The most flavorful sturgeon is 3-6 feet in length.
    Naturally Raised