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We are sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience as we are currently remodeling our market!

 All orders received in January 2017 will be packaged on February 1 for February 2 delivery.

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  • Razor Clams

    Razor Clams

    Razor Clams are a western Washington treat. Razor Clams are best cooked in chowder or fried using your own favorite spices.

  • Quillcene Oysters in Jars ( x-small)

    Quillcene Oysters in Jars ( x-small)

    Our Oysters are so good! Quillcenes (pronounced quil-i-senes) are the finest Oysters around.

  • Manila Steamer Clams

    Manila Steamer Clams

    Nothing is more appetizing than Fresh Manila Steamer Clams!
  • Local Mussels

    Local Mussels

    Excellent when paired with our delicious Steamer Clams in pasta dishes, cioppinos, stews, etc.
  • Kumamoto Oysters in the shell

    Kumamoto Oysters in the shell

    These Kumamoto Oysters are a must have.

  • Hood Canal Oysters in the shell

    Hood Canal Oysters in the shell

    The Hood Canal Oysters are just like you imagined. They can be eaten as an appetizer or a meal within itself. Have yourself an oyster feast tonight.
  • Pike Place Chowder

    Pike Place Chowder

    The authentic Pacific Northwest flavors found in our Pike Place Chowder are especially fresh and delicious!

  • Smoked Scallops

    Smoked Scallops

    These golden-white delicacies are plump, moist, smoky and sweet!