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  • Fresh Garlic-Pepper Smoked Salmon

    Fresh Garlic-Pepper Smoked Salmon

    Fresh Salmon fillets are topped with our unique blend of garlic, peppers, spices, and brown sugar, then slowly cured for 24 hours in a dry brine and hot smoked over Alderwood coals.
    Kosher Cooked
  • Smoked Salmon Sampler

    Smoked Salmon Sampler

    For the first time ever, our moist and delicious Smoked Salmon Sampler is available online! It contains our most popular flavors: Garlic Pepper, Alderwood, and our legendary Teriyaki Smoked Salmon.

    Kosher Cooked
  • Smoked Mussels

    Smoked Mussels

    Tasty and lightly smoked, these mussels make the perfect finger food! Ready to eat.
  • Fresh Smoked Salmon Jerky

    Fresh Smoked Salmon Jerky

    Salmon fillets are cut into long meaty strips, cured and then cold smoked over night.
    Kosher Cooked
  • Smoked Scallops

    Smoked Scallops

    These golden-white delicacies are plump, moist, smoky and sweet!
  • Fresh Cold Smoked Salmon Lox

    Fresh Cold Smoked Salmon Lox

    For those who prefer to slice it themselves! This lox is the same as our sliced lox, without the slices!
    Kosher Cooked