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A Legendary History

Jack Amon Sol


In 1911, Jack Amon came to America and began selling fine seafood from a stand in Seattle's world-famous Pike Place Public Market. The city and the market were young, but all of the new residents immediately recognized the value of the local fish and shellfish. Jack Amon traded in the best of the best.

Now Jack's son, Sol, runs the business, with the help of their tireless crew. It is still a single long counter in the Pike Place Market, but the Pure Food Fish Market now sells more seafood than Jack Amon ever dreamed. The beginning of fast commercial air travel has given people everywhere the chance to enjoy fresh seafood from the Pure Food Fish Market.

Keep in mind, we are a REAL fish market, you can buy online, or right here at our counter in Pike Place Market, we are not a brokerage, or multi-national corporation ... we just sell fish, 7 days a week and it is the best and freshest you can find ANYWHERE.

Our Market since 1911

 Pike Place Fresh Seafood


We are located in the heart of downtown Seattle and the famous Pike Place Public Market. Anyone who’s visited Washington State knows that Seattle is the place for seafood. Tourists and locals alike come to the Pike Place Public Market to buy fresh seafood from the Pure Food Fish Market, Seattle’s most popular seafood retailer. Our family has been down at the market for four generations stocking an abundant assortment of fresh seafood from around the world but specializing in the seafood from the Pacific Northwest. If you think our website is something, you should visit our Pure Food Fish Market in Seattle. Come say hello to Sol, Harry, Richard, Matt, Chris, Jeff, Mitchell, Neal, Josh, Isaac and the guys.


Pure Food Fish Market
Pike Place Market
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