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Same day Shipping

We offer same-day, in-city shipping throughout greater Seattle starting at just $25!

Miles RangeShipping Fee*
0-5 miles $25
6-15 miles $35
16-30 miles $45
31+ miles $70

is the minimum shipping fee
and it covers the first 50 lbs of product.

$3.00 for each additional
pound over 50 lbs.

Overnight Shipping Across The United States

To ensure our seafood products remain fresh and ready for you to enjoy upon arrival,
we use Overnight Shipping.


WeightShipping fee*
5 lbs $45
7 lbs $45
10 lbs $45
15 lbs $60
18 lbs $69
20 lbs $75

is the minimum shipping fee
and it covers the first 10 lbs of product.

$3.00 for each additional
pound over 10 lbs.

WeightAK/HI Shipping Fee*
5 lbs $65
7 lbs $65
10 lbs $65
15 lbs $80
18 lbs $89
20 lbs $95



Shipping Included

When you see this symbol, this means the cost of shipping and handling is already included in the product. Products include all Smoked Salmon, Gift Packs and Gift Box orders. There is no minimum-shipping fee if you order only these items.

However, if you order an item that includes the cost of shipping in addition to an item that does not include the cost of shipping, shipping fees apply to products where shipping is not included.


When you place your order by 4:00 pm PST on a Friday, you can specify a Saturday delivery in the special instructions section of the check-out page. This amount will be charged separately from your order. All Friday orders that do not designate Saturday delivery will be shipping the following Monday for Tuesday arrival.





All orders received Monday-Friday by 4:00 pm PST are shipped  Next Day Air (unless you specify a
different send date).
All orders received after that time will be shipped the next day, except for Friday. Friday orders that do not designate Saturday Delivery (extra charge applies read more here ) will be shipped on Monday for Tuesday arrival.
All items that are not perishable will be sent  2 Day.
SPECIAL NOTE FOR HOLIDAY SHIPMENTS: All fresh orders shipped via FedEx overnight delivery. We pack all fresh orders to go for 48 hours. Please keep unexpected inclement weather in mind when selecting shipment date- we suggest allowing two days for shipping when ordering for a special event or gifts as weather can cause shipping delays.



Sorry, we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. We cannot guarantee delivery to businesses. If asking for Friday delivery, please be sure your order is being shipped to a residential address.


Shipping To A Business or Place of Work

You can have your order shipped to a business address or place of work, but please keep in mind that Federal Express only gives an estimated time of delivery. If this package is for a special event or for Friday Delivery we ask that you please send it to a residential address so the package doesn't sit waiting beyond the intended overnight shipping time period.



Easy! Order as you would for yourself and designate the proper shipping address during the check-out process. We will gladly put a gift card in any gift box. Please tell us what you want to say in the special instructions section at the bottom of the check out page and we’ll handle the rest.



We love special orders! For discounts on large quantities or orders over 50 pounds, call us at the Market and we’ll look forward to making a special arrangement with you.
  (800) 392-3474 or (206) 622-5765


Shipping to a Greater Seattle Location?

We offer same-day, in-city shipping throughout the greater Seattle area. Orders must be placed online at FreshSeafood.com by 3:00 p.m. PST on the date of delivery, Monday-Friday only. We do not offer in-city, same-day shipping on Saturday or Sunday. Please review the regional shipping map here for pricing tiers. We do not offer shipping to P.O. Boxes.


We hope no one reads this section! But, if you are indeed unsatisfied with your order, you have 14 days from when you received your order to notify us of a refund or reship.

If the order in question is placed during the month of December, notice of refund must be received by January 3rd.

Delivery to businesses is at shippers own risk as Federal Express does not give a guaranteed delivery time. If asking for Friday delivery, please make sure your order is going to a residential address.

1-800-392-3474 or 206-622-5765