Copper River salmon, when it's in season and why it's so good for you

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Copper-River-salmon,-when-it's-in-season-and-why-it's-so-good-for-youWild Alaskan Copper River king and sockeye salmon are the most sought-after varieties in the world due to their abundance of nutritional benefits. The Copper River season runs annually, from mid-May through the beginning of July. Fresh Copper River salmon can be purchased whole, or in steaks and fillets upon request. When purchasing a whole salmon and choosing to have it filleted, please note that the head and bones will be removed, resulting in a 75% yield of the original fish’s weight.Known for its rich copper deposits found along the riverbank, the Copper River in south-central Alaska is the 10th largest in the United States, with 13 major tributaries. Traveling 300 miles in 7 mph currents to reach their spawning grounds in this varied river system, Copper River salmon are the most highly prized in the world due to their extra omega-3 fatty acid stores and resulting nutritional benefits.

Copper River salmon is easy to prepare in a variety of ways. Whether you choose to poach, steam, roast, or grill it, you’re in for a flavorful, health-smart meal that is heavy on the high-quality protein and low in saturated fat. Check out our recipes for a great range of preparation ideas.

Copper River salmon is known for helping to reduce heart disease and lower cholesterol. Studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids found in Copper River salmon can help combat rheumatoid arthritis, allergies and asthma, among other health issues.