How To Present Smoked Salmon Jerky

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Our Smoked Salmon Jerky is a favorite, for certain. These long meaty strips of fresh Salmon are cured and then cold smoked overnight. They make for an excellent snack paired with a favorite beer, appetizer served as an hors d'oeuvre at your next family gathering, or even as a great protein for active individuals.

Men's Health Magazine specifically suggests our Smoked Salmon Jerky as a great item to keep in your gym bag for post-workout eats.

All that said - when your Smoked Salmon Jerky arrives in your Pure Food Fish Market shipping box, it can be a little interesting to consider how to present it. As a matter of fact, it's actually quite simple - here is one way we like to present our Jerky.

Whole Smoked Salmon Jerky Stick

First things first, take one piece and lay it out flat on a clean surface, preferably a cutting board. Proceed to remove the skin - try to remove as little of the delicious Smoked Salmon meat as possible during this process!

Cut The Skin - Smoked Jerky Strip

From there, we cut each long strip into smaller strips of around two inches long, then we cut each two inch piece down the center to create little Smoked Salmon Jerky sticks.

Cut Into Small Strips - Smoked Jerky

Finally, find a nice bowl and pack full of these delicious sticks of protein, put them out for guests and watch them disappear! Having the Smoked Jerky cut into smaller sticks also makes this product easier to take on the go. Cut it up, and divvy it up into zip-loc baggies and you can take to go whenever you want. ORDER UP!

Present! Smoked Jerky Strips