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  • Why is King Crab so Delicious?

    Why is King Crab so Delicious?

    Filed under Seafood Tips & Facts on January 20, 2014. Tags king crab parts, king crab, King Crab Legs.

    Why KING Crab? First off a single King Crab leg cooked and served plain is 130 calories. The body of the crab often offers little meat, however, the legs are packed full of vitamins and minerals, and rich in Omega 3 fats. That means it helps reduce inflammation throughout your body and helps prevent cancer cell growth. Continue reading

  • Crab Legs Facts & Tips

    Crab Legs Facts & Tips

    Filed under Seafood Tips & Facts on October 12, 2012. Tags Crab Legs Facts, Alaskan King, King Crab Legs.

    How to Cook and Prepare Alaskan King Crab Legs
    Quick Cooking Facts and Tips Continue reading

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2 Item(s)