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  • How To Present Smoked Salmon Jerky

    How To Present Smoked Salmon Jerky

    Filed under Seafood Tips & Facts on June 25, 2015. Tags Eat, Snack, Foodie, Food, Kitchen, How To, Jerky, Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Protein.

    Our Smoked Salmon Jerky is a favorite, for certain. These long meaty strips of fresh Salmon are cured and then cold smoked overnight. They make for an excellent snack paired with a favorite beer, appetizer served as an hors d'oeuvre at your next family gathering, or even as a great protein for active individuals.
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  • Foods that Pack on Muscle

    Foods that Pack on Muscle

    Filed under Featured In, Health & Lifestyle on October 12, 2012. Tags Yogurt, Salmon Recipes, Protein, Muscle, Energy, Eggs, Calorie.

    If muscles were made from chips and beer, we'd look huge. But they aren't, and we don't—unless you count that sack o' fat up front and dead center.

    If not Doritos and double bock, then what? We decided to delve deep into the human anatomy to find the secret spot on every muscle where the word "ingredients" is stamped. Continue reading

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2 Item(s)