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Fresh Salmon Cooking Tips

Fresh Salmon Cooking Tips
Copper River King and Sockeye Salmon season is here! In honor of the king of all Salmon, here are four useful cooking tips we have learned over our years of enjoying delicious, fresh Salmon: Keep it Simple: Salmon has a beautiful flavor that shouldn’t be hidden behind too much sugar, acid, or spice. A simple rub, fresh herbs, or just salt and pepper will do the trick.  Salt: Salt fish no more than 15 minutes before cooking. Salting too early dries out the fish. Temperature: Do not cook with very cold salmon. Let it warm up a bit before cooking as the albumen (white stuff) will surface to the top as the meat constricts and it won’t be as tender. Cooking: When pan-frying fillets, be sure to heat your pan very hot with a neutral oil (higher burn temp) to get that nice sear.

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