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What's the Deal with Canned Fish?

What's the Deal with Canned Fish?

There are numerous nutritional benefits from eating seafood. In fact, the American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least twice a week in order to maintain a healthy diet. Fish is low in saturated fats and is a good source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, among many other things.

While we here at Pure Food are absolutely obsessed with fresh seafood, we understand that eating fresh may not be always convenient for busy families. But there is an answer…go canned! Canned fish is an excellent source of nutrition, with many types almost on par to its fresh counterpart. Canned fish has a much longer shelf life than fresh fish, is budget-friendly and also ready-to-eat with very little fuss.

Forget the boring ol' tuna fish sandwiches. Canned white albacore tuna makes a great addition in a waldorf salad. Toss in chopped apple, celery, raisins and lettuce with a can of drained tuna in a salad bowl. Mix together 3 tablespoons of greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon mayonnaise and add to the salad. Toss your mixture all together and top with chopped grapes for a healthy and filling meal.

Two cans of wild smoked sock eye salmon will make a quick and easy salmon burrito dinner that the whole family will enjoy. Saute chopped bell peppers and onions in olive oil over medium heat until cooked. Add salt, pepper, a few tablespoons of salsa verde and any additional spices for taste. Gently stir in two cans of drained salmon into the pan. In a warm tortilla, add in your salmon mixture and top shredded cheese. Roll your burrito and serve with sour cream and avocado as desired.

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