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  • Oyster Knives

    Oyster Knives

    Time to get shuckin'! Our sturdy Oyster Knives make enjoying fresh oysters easy whether you go for side or hinge entry. Shucking can be a skill learned over time, so if you're new to it, take your time - the pleasure will be all the more better!

  • Cedar Grilling Planks

    Cedar Grilling Planks

    The perfect addition to any fresh salmon order! Great for grilling or baking, our cedar planks - sold in pairs - will add a sweet, smoky flavor to your fresh fish. Make sure to soak them in water before use.


    Check out our Cedar Plank Grilling recipe.

  • Pure Food Fish Monger Apron

    Pure Food Fish Monger Apron

    Look your best! Our aprons make cookin' with fresh seafood easy. Durable, high-quality plastic, they're easy to clean. Plus! You'll look just like the pros down at Pure Food Fish Market.

  • Pure Food Fish Market Canvas Tote

    Pure Food Fish Market Canvas Tote

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Check out our new canvas tote bag!