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Seattle's Finest Seafood

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  1. Cioppino


    Pure Food Fish Market's original Cioppino recipy by Seattle's own Chef Liz McCune of Eat Seattle. Learn More
  2. Gingered Mussels And Clams With Kale

    Gingered Mussels And Clams With Kale


    Lean protein paired with Kale which by the way is a super food and taste amazing cooked with the clams.

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  3. Spring Shellfish Stew with Kale and Pancetta

    Spring Shellfish Stew with Kale and Pancetta


    If local mussels haven't come into season yet, double up the clams. Serve the stew with a simple green salad and good, crusty bread for mopping up the juices.

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  4. Roasted Halibut with Shellfish Cioppino

    Roasted Halibut with Shellfish Cioppino


    Cioppino is a classic seafood stew whose origins can be traced to the Italian fishers of San Francisco. And unlike many fishermen’s stews that are thick and tomato-based, this one relies on fish stock (or clam broth) and just a hint of tomato, plus the unmistakable flavors of fennel and crushed red pepper flakes, to create a gently perfumed, aromatic broth with a bit of a kick. The final crowning touch is the addition of one of the Northwest’s iconic fish, fresh halibut, which perches atop the cioppino.

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  5. Seafood Boil

    Seafood Boil


    Place Rice into deep bowl and serve seafood all over rice

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  6. Clams with Linguine

    Clams with Linguine


    When buying clams ask the person sorting to check and make sure each one closes and then after weighing to place on ice. This will help guarantee fresh clams on the ride home.

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