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Seattle's Finest Seafood
How To Clean A Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab
  • Meal Type: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner
  • Course: Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entrée
  • Serving:
  • Total Prep Time: 10m

Delicious Seafood Recipe

How To Clean A Whole Cooked Dungeness Crab


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Cooking Directions:

  1. To clean and crack; locate the back and put your thumb right by the leg and pull the whole top piece off.
  2. Find the gills and take them off of the inside of the crab, break off the mouth part of the crab by simply pulling them off. You will flip the crab over put you finger in the apron (the triangle looking spot), lift it off and discard.
  3. To break the crab in half, folding it back and forth like a book, then rinse it off under cold running water until clean.
  4. Next, separate the legs from the body. The crabmeat can be removed from the shells with crab crackers and a small pick tool or knife.

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