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Have you ever seen a whole Halibut? They're huge! So, why would someone buy an entire Halibut? It's actually pretty simple.We offer whole, fresh Halibut at 11, 15, 18, and 20 lb increments because it is most cost effective for our customers. The serving size is 3/4 to 1 lb per person and if you think about it, when fish is properly prepped for deep freezing, it can last in your freezer for up to eight months. Instantaneously those 20-25 Halibut meals that once seemed excessive suddenly don't seem like nearly as much as before! When we get your order online, or even in the market, you can choose to have us portion out the whole Halibut, vacuum-seal the pieces so that when your order arrives at your doorstep the next day, it's ready to simply toss into the freezer for later use. How nice to open up the freezer on Monday, pull out a few pre-cut, frozen fillets, stick them in the fridge to thaw, and have perfectly fresh fish ready to eat for dinner on Tuesday night? Pretty nice, we'd say.

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