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Crab Products: How To Freeze Crab Meat

Crab Products: How To Freeze Crab Meat

At Pure Food Fish Market, we offer a diverse range of wild-caught whole crabs, legs, claws, loose meat, and other delectable options. If you're interested in preserving the flavor of famous crabs like Pacific Northwest Dungeness, Alaskan King, or Snow Crab, we've got you covered with tips on how to freeze crab meat. 





How To Freeze Crab Meat

All of our crab products are pre-cooked and can be enjoyed straight out of the package. If you are planning to eat your fresh crab within two to three days of the purchase date it can easily be kept in the fridge and still maintain its flavor, or it can be placed in the freezer for future meals. Crab can be frozen for up to three months before beginning to lose its flavor, though Dungeness crab should not be frozen for more than one month and Alaskan king crab legs should not be frozen for more than six months. The best way to freeze crab that has already been opened, is to place the cooked crab in a heavy-duty freezer bag or airtight plastic container to maintain freshness.

Since our crab products are already cooked upon purchase, reheating your seafood is a snap. Simply place the crab in a dish in the oven at 375 degrees for five minutes, or steam them in a pot of water on the stovetop for five minutes to bring them up to temperature.

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