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Why buy a whole fish if weight is lost?

Why buy a whole fish if weight is lost?

At Pure Food Fish Market, we offer whole fish products or portioned fillets. When purchasing a whole Alaskan halibut and choosing to have it filleted, please note that the head and bones will have to be removed, resulting in a 65% yield of the original fish’s weight.





The same goes for salmon: Whole salmon purchases will result in a 75% yield of the original weight once the fish has been filleted.So why buy whole if fish weight is lost? Essentially, buying a whole fish is just like buying in bulk. You’ll always find a better price per pound!

For customers hoping to use their whole filleted salmon or halibut in a future soup or stew, let us know – we’re happy to send the bones and head along with your order if you’re interested in making a fresh fish broth soup base.

Whole fish can be filleted or portioned upon request and we’re happy to discuss any special needs. All of our fresh fillets sold at the counter, or taken from a whole fish purchase do not contain bones.

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