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Wild about Salmon: How to Store Fresh Salmon

Wild about Salmon: How to Store Fresh Salmon

Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, Salmon is among the category of foods considered a “super food.” Its high-levels of omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce heart disease and contribute to overall joint and brain health, among many other things. It is no wonder Salmon is the second most popular seafood, in between canned tuna (#3) and shrimp (#1) (according to the National Fisheries Institute).

Salmon is a seafood superstar, but how do you know if it's fresh? Fresh salmon has a vibrant pinkish-red color and a shiny appearance. An overtly “fishy” smell means it is most likely spoiled, as fresh salmon has a mild ocean-like aroma. Fresh salmon is firm and the flesh will spring back when pressed.

How Long Can Salmon Stay in the Fridge?

Proper storage is key to maintaining freshness. Salmon can be kept for up to two days in the refrigerator. Remove the salmon from its wrappings, rinse thoroughly with cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Wrap the fish tightly in a layer of plastic wrap, followed by another layer of aluminum foil. You can also add lemon slices for taste, before you wrap up the salmon. Place in the coldest part of your refrigerator, most likely the bottom drawer. Make sure your fridge is at the proper temperature, around 32 degrees Fahrenheit for safety.

How Long Can Salmon Stay in the Freezer?

If Salmon isn't consumed within two days, it must be moved to the freezer. Salmon can be fresh for up to three months when frozen. For freezer storage, follow the same steps as you would for refrigeration but take extra care in ensuring the salmon is packaged air-tight in plastic and foil wrap. Any exposure to air will cause the fish to spoil. Lastly, place the Salmon package in a freezer bag with the date labeled, in order to keep track of how long its been freezing.

One last tip – if you know you'll be stocking up on fresh Salmon, order your fish vacuum-sealed and you can then freeze it for up to eight months.

Knowing how to safely store salmon will allow you to enjoy it for weeks and even months to come – it will taste like it was just caught this morning!

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