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Learn How to Prepare Shrimp

Learn How to Prepare Shrimp

We have prepared a list of 3 straightforward ways to prepare shrimp perfectly every time.

1) The Classic Shrimp Cocktail

How to prepare shrimp for a classic shrimp cocktail? Bring water, lemon, onion, garlic, parsley and any other herb and spices of choice to boil and cook for 15-30 minutes on low heat. Add in a pound or two of medium to large-sized shrimp, or the appropriate serving amount as desired. Allow the shrimp to cook in the broth for a couple of minutes, or when it appears thoroughly cooked.

Drain the shrimp and rinse under cold water. For a simple cocktail sauce, combine ketchup, Worcestershire, a bit of lemon juice and chili sauce. Refrigerate the shrimp and cocktail sauce for a few hours prior to serving.

2) Shrimp on the Barbie

How to prepare shrimp for grilling? In regards to removing shrimp shells or leaving them on, it boils down to preference. Leaving the shell on preserves moisture and flavor during grilling. However if you plan to marinate the shrimp or enjoy a smoky flavor, you may prefer to remove the shell. Regardless of size, it's helpful to use skewers when grilling because it provides an easy to way flip over the shrimp. After placing the skewers on the grill, drizzle over olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill for 3-5 minutes or until the shrimp become pink.

3) Quick & Easy Shrimp Scampi

Looking for ways to prepare shrimp for a quick and easy shrimp scampi? Melt butter in a skillet pan, over medium heat. Add in peeled and de-veined medium shrimp, along with garlic powder, red pepper flakes and any other desired seasoning.You may also add a splash of white wine or lemon juice for taste. Cook for a few minutes in a simmer, until the shrimp appears cooked. Serve over a plate of fresh pasta or rice.

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