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A Bone to Pick - Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Seafood Prep

A Bone to Pick - Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Seafood Prep

We’ve all been there before prepping our seafood dinner wondering if we’ll need to remove any bones. The next thought that usually comes to mind is, how do I even know if there are bones in my seafood? It's going to be a pain to remove them all, maybe it will be fine. Or maybe it won't, and then you start to think about how much of a pain it would be if one of these fish bones got stuck in your throat. That thought alone is enough to make you think twice about skipping out on removing the pin bones from your seafood. 

If you’ve ever dreaded the idea of removing fish bones but dread the idea of getting pricked in the throat even more, rest your fears, pin bone tweezers are here. Most fish fillets such as True Cod Fillets, Catfish Fillets, or King Salmon Fillets, from your local seafood retailer like Pure Food Fish Market are boneless. However, if you purchase a whole fillet or whole fish, such as our Whole Copper River King Salmon, you will need to remove the pin bones prior to cooking. Removing the pin bones can be a tedious pain staking process but you’ll thank yourself later.

Make your seafood experience more enjoyable with pin bone tweezers

Grab a pair of fish bone tweezers also known as pin bone tweezers which are specifically made for grabbing tiny fish bones without completely butchering your seafood. Next you’ll need to locate the bones, this is where we’ll give you a pro tip. Grab a small bowl, place it upside down, and drape your cut of fish over it. This will make the bones of the fish protrude out, making it easier to spot with your eyes. It's also helpful to feel along the length of the fish with your fingertips near the thickest part, as pin bones tend to be here most. Once you’ve located a bone grab the tip of the bone with your fish bone tweezers and gently pull the bone away from the fish. Repeat this process until the fish is bone free and ready for cooking. Now you can confidently cook seafood for yourself or party guests without fear of them frantically reaching for a glass of water. 

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