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All-New 'Eat Seattle' Food Tours Stop by Pure Food Fish Market

All-New 'Eat Seattle' Food Tours Stop by Pure Food Fish Market

Pike Place Market is full of history. Even our shop has been here for over 100 years! So, it's no wonder why people come from all over the world to see all that it has to offer. We are excited to be partnering with a brand new tasting tour company based in Seattle called Eat Seattle. On every single one of their Tasting Tours and Farm To Table Tours and Cooking Classes, they will make a stop here at Pure Food - you may even get a sample... you'll have to come and see! We talked with Eat Seattle to get to know the company a little better especially so we could share the good word with you. Take a read!   PFFM: Why is Pike Place Market so special? Eat Seattle: The Pike Place Market supports artisan vendors and local producers who invest time and energy to create the highest quality products. It’s similar to farmers' markets in Europe where each vendor has its own specialty. It’s a venue where chefs, locals and tourists can co-mingle and appreciate food together. How would you describe the Tasting Tour? The 2-hr Tasting Tour highlights the Pike Place Market, its vendors and their food, through the culinary perspective of a chef. Our chef-guides provide an added layer of food knowledge and creativity to the tastings. For example, they will take a vendor’s food and cook up the perfect bite to show off these products. Who should attend a Tasting Tour of Pike Place Market? Anyone who enjoys eating food and learning about the flavors of the Northwest. Both locals and visitors appreciate the copious tips and insider scoop provided by our knowledgeable chefs. What makes our local food culture unique? Our natural water sources for wild fish, our desert climate in Eastern Washington which produces sophisticated wines and flavorful fruits and vegetables. It’s these elements that inspire artisans and talented chefs from around the world to make a home in the Northwest; dedicating their careers to working with and creating the highest quality food products. What kind of food will people be cooking this Spring with Eat Seattle? Eat Seattle will be cooking up the seasonal highlights of the Northwest. The June menu consists of Alaskan Halibut from Pure Food Fish Market with local vegetable garnitures, herbs and greens from Eat Seattle’s garden and local fruits and berries. Chef Emily implements classic French techniques in her preparation and menu guidance. Where does the cooking class take place? The cooking classes takes place in the market’s brand new Atrium kitchen. This is only a short walk away from Pure Food Fish; keeping the group connected to the market and enjoying the lively benefits of being in the center of it all. Why is Eat Seattle partnering with Pure Food Fish?  Eat Seattle partners with Pure Food Fish based on their commitment to offering the best quality seafood, an industry that holds a lot of responsibility in not only providing a fresh product to their customers but also a responsibility in upholding sustainable practices and ethical environmental behavior. Eat Seattle endorses Pure Food Fish's business values and is excited to be using their delicious products in their tours and cooking classes.

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