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Around the Market: King Gets His Day

Around the Market: King Gets His Day

 From now until eternity, April 11 will officially be Sol Amon Day, throughout Seattle.







Amon, celebrating 50 years as owner of the Pure Food and Fish, also the 2006 King of the Market, is commemorating Pure Food & Fish’s golden anniversary with ceremonious cake and balloons, at high noon, on April 11. The public is invited.

To mark this special day, Amon (a.k.a. “The Cod Father”) is generously donating the day’s proceeds to the Market Foundation, to fund the Market’s Clinic, Senior Center, Food Bank and Preschool. Marlys Erickson, Foundation executive director, says Amon is as much of an icon in the Market and the Market is an icon of Seattle. His dad, Jack Amon, came to the Market in 1911 and ‘Solly’ has been here ever since. (Fish is so much a part of him his name is similar to salmon.)

Nearly 25 years ago, Amon became the first Market merchant to support the Foundation’s efforts to fund the Market’s services for low-income people and he’s been and loyal a generous supporter ever since. Recognizing his commitment to the community the Seattle City Council proclaim the day officially his, a motion spearheaded by Erickson. Today, Sol holds the distinction of being the Market’s longest-tenured merchant. Thanks to those loyal customers, technology, and the jet-age, Sol Amon sells more fish today than his father ever dreamed was possible. Pure Food Fish can be sent anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

The pragmatic Amon can be found in the Market most days. Modestly, he says, “our job is pretty simple. We sell fish 7 days a week, and it’s the best and freshest you can find anywhere.”

Pike Place Market News – April 2006

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