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Seafood Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Seafood Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Give your friends and family the present that gives joy more than once: something good to eat. Seafood holiday gifts offer double the opportunity for excitement because when the recipient eats their seafood gift, they get to feel that happiness of a great present all over again.

Seafood is an affordable luxury, just the kind of thing that someone might love to have but not allow themselves to purchase, making it the perfect gift. Depending on travel plans or gift-giving location, the best seafood holiday gifts might be fresh, frozen, or shelf-stable. Ready-to-eat selections make great seafood gifts for the kitchen-phobic, but pristine cuts of fish will thrill your favorite cook—pair it with a cookbook or nice pan to really take it up a notch. Don’t forget, anytime you give a specific type of seafood, it’s always a good idea to tuck in any tools the recipient might want as part of your seafood gifts—oyster knife, crab cracker, or cedar plank for grilling.

Shelf-stable smoked salmon makes the perfect seafood holiday gifts for co-workers or people you might know less well, because it makes no assumptions about their cooking abilities or how well-equipped their kitchen might be. It means that no matter their travel plans, fridge-space conundrums, or seasonal schedule, they’ll be able to enjoy the seafood gifts at their own leisure.

For close friends and family, whose food preferences you likely know, picking out seafood gifts is a bit easier—you can buy according to their tastes, whether that means getting them a giant slab of salmon, a mountain of fresh crab, or a sampling of smoked seafoods. For someone who might not have eaten or cooked much seafood before, a gift pack with a few different kinds of fish or shellfish gives them the not only the gift of great eats, but of the opportunity to find a new favorite food.

If you’re planning to buy fresh or frozen seafood gifts that will be shipped to someone, don’t forget to check with them that they’re not going to be traveling when it will arrive. Alternatively, you can always just get them a gift card to make sure that they can order their seafood holiday gifts to arrive right when they’re ready to cook and eat it.

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