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Secret Shortcut: Smoked Salmon

Secret Shortcut: Smoked Salmon

Hot-Smoked Salmon with Creme Fraiche and Crispbread -- a 30-second appetizer

As a former resident of Seattle, I’m a sucker for salmon in all its forms, but especially smoked salmon.





 It’s one of my go-to ingredients for turning an everyday dish into something exquisite.

First a quick smoked-salmon primer: Hot-smoked salmon has a firm, flaky texture, since the fish is cooked during the smoking process. Cold-smoked salmon (lox is included in this category), has a soft and silky texture, and is usually served in thin slices.

For an easy-but-dreamy Valentine’s Day breakfast, fold smoked salmon into an omelet with some goat cheese and dill, or lay it across rye toast and top it with a poached egg.

Construct delectable little hors d’oeuvre for a romantic dinner -- or any get-together at all -- by playing mix-and-match with the following ingredients.

  • Base (choose one): crackers, toasted baguette or rye bread , Belgian endive leaves, cucumber slices, or thick-cut potato chips
  • Spread (choose one): cream cheese, goat cheese, or crème fraiche. Mix in fresh parsley, dill, mint, basil, or chives if you like.
  • Hot- or cold-smoked salmon
  • Toppings (choose one or two): capers, red onion, avocado, radish, asparagus, hard-cooked egg, marinated artichoke hearts, peppadew peppers, roasted red peppers, halved grape tomatoes, or finely grated lemon zest.

February 8, 2012

Posted by Jennifer Anderson


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