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What is Caviar, and How Do I Eat It?

What is Caviar, and How Do I Eat It?

Beautiful, flavorful, and luxurious, Caviar is a specialty food item unique to some, yet available to all. A delicacy item you have seen in our Seattle marketplace for years, is now available in great variety at Pure Food Fish Market




 For those new to Caviar, let us help you answer the question “what is Caviar and how do I eat it?” Caviar is salt-cured fish egg from Sturgeon or Salmon. It should be served in small bites – amounts smaller than a tablespoon. For those just learning about Caviar, its our opinion that eating it in small bites will enhance your experience a bit by allowing you to taste it better without being too overwhelmed by new texture and big flavor.

With the help of the experts, our neighbors at the Seattle Caviar Company, Pure Food Fish Market has five luxury Caviars available to you.

  • Our most luxurious is the Osetra Caviar raised in Israel and wild caught; it is known for its beautiful golden to dark brown color with a powerful hint of fruit and nuts.

  • Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, sustainability raised in Italy and Florida, has a lustrous small dark grey bead with a smooth and buttery flavor.

  • Paddlefish Caviar found in the Mississippi and Yellowstone rivers makes for beautiful presentation with its grey jewel like beads.

  • Domestic White Sturgeon is a Caviar with a smooth aftertaste and nutty flavor.

  • We also carry a unique Caviar that we buy directly from the producers who produce Caviar for Japan. “Akura” comes to us directly and we bottle this beautiful red Caviar ourselves.

Now that we have your sense peaked, and hopefully your mouth’s watering, give it a try! Caviar can be used as a garnish, spread unsalted crackers or bread, or as a precious gift. Even better! Try it with our European style sliced Lox – add a slice of cucumber and a little spoonful of Caviar. Bon Appetit!

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