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What Shell Fish is Fresh this Season?

What Shell Fish is Fresh this Season?

Fresh Local Mussels

A common question that arises is what in the world is in season RIGHT NOW? Well, kicking off the New Year we have a few Shell Fish that are in their prime! That list includes Oysters, Muscles, Scallops, and Lobster!!

Did you know that Oysters are high in calcium, which is a vital nutrient that strengthens cell walls? Mussels are a very good source of Protein, Iron and Vitamin B12.


Fresh Jumbo Colossal Lobster Tails

Lobster has so many fantastic health benefits as well including low in fat counts and cholesterol, and they have high levels of Phosphorus. Phosphorus aids in the formation of teeth and bones as well as facilitates the rate of metabolism, enhances the functioning of kidneys and lessens joint pain.

We have some great fresh shellfish recipes in our recipe catalog – check them out!

Remember, shellfish is heavy for shipments. Minimum shipping and handling fees are $45.00 and cover the first 10 pounds. Each additional pound over 10 adds $3.00. Increase the value of your shipment by ordering a minimum of 10 lbs of product! For more information on shipping fresh seafood, visit our Shipping Policies.

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