Citrus Cured Salmon

Citrus Cured Salmon




    Citrus Cured Salmon


    • 1 lbs King or Sockeye Salmon
    • 2 cups kosher salt
    • 2 cups sugar
    • zest of 2 oranges
    • 2T fine ground coriander
    • 1T fine ground peppercorn


    1. Mix all in a bowl except for the salmon.
    2. In the bottom of a container big enough, place the salmon on a bed of the salt/sugar mixture. Cover the salmon with the remaining salt/sugar mixture and leave covered in your fridge for 3 days.
    3. After 3 days, rinse salmon with cold water and thinly slice.

    Presentation: you can serve this in a variety of ways for an appetizer:

    1. Served as salmon carpaccio on its own
    2. Served in endives (or croustini) with cream cheese and green onions (or chives)
    3. Served with salad or microgreens

    Serves 4

    Recipe by Chef Jay Midwood of Eat Seattle.

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