Voodoo Bayou Seafood Gumbo recipe

Voodoo Bayou Seafood Gumbo recipe
  • dinner
  • entrée
  • 60 minutes




Voodoo Bayou Seafood Gumbo recipe

  • dinner
  • entrée
  • 60 minutes

Recipe By Cheff Todd Gillespie

Fish stock

1 gallon water

1 - 8-inch square of Kombu

2 lbs of fish bones/ heads (washed in cold water to remove impurities.)

4 celery stocks 

2 medium onions quartered

1 Tbsp. Black Peppercorn

1 cup Chardonnay wine (white wine)

8 pieces of garlic cloves

2 cups of Bonito Flakes


Soak Kombu in cold water for thirty minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients except the bonito flakes. The Bonito flakes will go in the last ten minutes of cooking. Turn the heat up to medium high and get to a simmer for five minutes then remove the Kombu. Reduce heat to medium - low and simmer for thirty minutes then add the Bonito flakes for the last ten minutes of cooking. Remove from heat then strain through a fine mesh strainer or a cheese cloth. Keep warm for the next step.



½ cup clarified bacon grease

2 medium onions julienned

4 bell peppers - 1-green 1-yellow 1-red 1-orange Julienned

1 bundle of collard greens

1 bundle of mustard greens

1 bundle of Italian curly kale

4 cups spinach

6 cloves of chopped garlic

1 gallon of fish stock

hot sauce to taste


In a 3-quart pot heat up bacon grease then add the onions and pepper to sweat for about two to three minutes. Then add the greens and stir in the begin to get them soft. Once the greens are wet add the garlic and fish stock then simmer on a medium heat for about an hour occasionally stirring. After the one hour is up add the hot sauce to taste.



¾ cup of corn or Canola oil

2 lbs of Andouille sausage cut into bite size pieces

¾ cup of flour A.P.

1 lb. Catfish large diced

1 lb. Lin Cod Large diced

1 lb. Gulf Shrimp peeled and deveined

1 pint of Oysters with liquor

1 lb. of crab meat 

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce


In a pan on medium heat with the oil add the sausage and cook till it is browned then remove from the pan. Add the flour and begin making your roux. You will need to stir regularly, do not let burn. This will be the longest hardest part of this recipe. You will be cooking the roux,(flour) until it becomes just darker than peanut butter but less than milk chocolate color. Each time the color changes, so does the flavor. Any one of these colors will be good. Once it reaches the proper color add to the green you have kept warm and the sausage back into the greens too. bring the temperature up to a simmer. 

Then add the seafood into the pot and carefully stir in. Bring the temperature up to 150 degrees F and serve in a bowl with 1/3 cup of plain rice.


Cajun seasoning to taste. When everything is done cooking add the Cajun seasoning to taste, I use about a ¼ cup of seasoning.