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Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon

Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon

Cater Cut Alderwood Smoked Salmon

The perfect Smoked Salmon for special events, this Alderwood Smoked Salmon is already "scored" into bite size squares. Incredible presentation for weddings, parties and bar mitzvah.

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Salmon is usually cooked in the oven or on a barbecue grill. However, it is also excellent to be cooked in various ways including smoked, baked, broiled, poached and sauteed.

Soak smoked or dried salmon to remove excess salt before using.

Do not overcook salmon to prevent it from becoming dry and unpalatable.

You can use leftover salmon in making salads and cream sauces for pasta.


Keep fresh salmon in the refrigerator in an air tight container or wrapping. It is best to eat fresh salmon 3 to 5 days after purchase. It can also be frozen on the day of purchase and kept frozen for up to 3 months. If your product is vacuum sealed, it can last up to 8 months in the freezer.

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