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Copper River Salmon – What’s The Hype?

Copper River Salmon – What’s The Hype?

It’s getting close to that time of year again – Copper River salmon season, that is. Often regarded as one of the best tasting salmon in the world, if not the best, Copper River salmon is some of the most sought after fish on the market. Some people believe that the praise is exaggerated – that the hype behind Copper River salmon is just an effect of good advertising and PR. And we’re here to tell you that those naysayers are wrong; Copper River salmon really is that good. To put it in perspective, decadent is an understatement.

This salmon is also as fresh as it gets. Unlike farmed fish, salmon caught from the Copper River are handled with care and met with utmost respect. These fishermen understand that to truly appreciate the fish, there needs to be an added sense of thoughtfulness. And ultimately, this thoughtfulness translates well to the end product, giving the fish a better test and a better quality.

Where Does Copper River Salmon Come From?

So, where does Copper River salmon come from? Simply put, Copper River Salmon comes from, well, the Copper River. The Copper River is a large river in Alaska found not too far from Anchorage. Stretching over 300 miles, the Copper River flows into the Gulf of Alaska and hosts a variety of fish, notably the highly sought after Copper River Salmon, sporting its beautiful deep red color. There are three different types of Copper River Salmon found in these cold clear icy waters, including the Copper River Sockeye, the Copper River Coho, and the daddy of them all the Copper River King.

Typically, these fish will spawn in the Copper River and will then migrate to the Gulf where they will spend the next few years of their life. Once they reach maturity, they’ll swim back upstream to the Copper River and finish out the remainder of their life there.

When Is Copper River Salmon Available?

Sounds good, but when is Copper River Salmon available? Although it’s usually available throughout the year, Copper River Salmon is the freshest (and tastes the best) during the dedicated season, which usually starts in the middle of May and ends in September. Treat yourself and sign up early to make sure that you are able to enjoy this popular dish.  You’ll want to make sure to grab some as early as possible during these months!

As for the season itself, this is monitored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Usually, they’ll report prospective numbers for the season as well as other pertinent information. Some years are more impressive than others, however, recently there have been instances of poor showings, particularly last year. As for pricing for these fish, this also fluctuates based on the season and its performance.

Copper River Salmon Nutrition Facts

Nothing is more fun than nutrition, so how about some Copper River Salmon nutrition facts? For one, these salmon contain a lot of vitamins, including B-12, and are very rich in protein. The most important (or widely-known) Copper River Salmon nutritional fact, though, is that these fish are very fatty – but the good kind of fat. These fish contain and provide a bunch of omega-3 fatty acids which are great for your heart, brain, and overall health.

How to Cook Copper River Salmon

Now that you know about it, the next step is learning how to cook Copper River Salmon. And the thing is, there are so many ways to cook Copper River Salmon. You can grill it, sear it, bake it, and all of the above. It’s also very pairable with a lot of sides and wines, especially wines that pack a fruity punch. As for specific recipes, we’ve included links to some of our favorite salmon recipes below, which you can use to cook your Copper River Salmon.

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